February 8, 2017


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

To do list (unreleased):
– Update savers page
– Need to check that all file links include file format in the title
– Update ITIN webpage with info about: what people should do if they do not yet have an ITIN number, FAQ/concerns of current ITIN filers
– Upload results graphic. Upload results from previous years.
– Need to upload logos
– Re-format training resources webpage to make more sense (how to do online training)
– Need more graphics overall
– Volunteer outreach page needs content
– Revive donate page

Running log of completed website updates:

2017-03-09 (GG)
– Coordinators > EKS Updates: Uploaded 1040X PDF instructions from IRS onto Feb. 17th post.
– About > Media: Uploaded news articles about sites.

2017-03-07 (GG)
– Savers: Added in Why Save? section
– Coordinators > Savings: Added in links to Vimeo training videos.
– All file links at this point open up in separate window
– Created media page

2017-03-06 (GG)
– Coordinators: Added EKS Master Print set.
– ITIN: Updated the ITIN CAA list.

2017-02-24 (KB)
– Coordinators: Added client story section.

2017-02-15 (GG)
– Off-season volunteer interest form embedded. Volunteer recruitment closed for new volunteers.

2017-02-08 (GG)
– Homepage: Footer edits. Added icons. Linked addresses. Linked phone numbers.
– Foreign-student: Added SFSU to San Francisco list of FS sites.
– SCC-returning: Reduced listing to sites that still need volunteers. Embedded on-call list.
– Santa-clara-county: Reduced listing to sites that still need volunteers. Emphasized online self-study training.
– CA-eitc-spanish: Spanish header graphic uploaded.
– Updates: Revived old VITAsv webpage. Uploaded recent updates from EKS team and local IRS SPEC.
– Changelog: Added this page.

2017-02-07 (GG, KR)
– Site lists: Uploaded updated SCC, SF, and Solano county flyers. Emphasized that flyers were bilingual by adding “English” to every flyer name. Forced all flyers to open in separate window. Added ‘PDF’ to every flyer link.

2017-02-03 (GG)
– Savings: Created savings page for coordinators specifically.
– Savers: Created placeholder page for savers (taxpayers).

2017-01-31 (GG)
– Site-lists: Uploaded bilingual county flyers. Did not upload SCC and Solano because those are still undergoing updates.
– CA-eitc-spanish: Translations were provided by VM. Added language toggles at the top so user can easily switch between English and Spanish

2017-01-29 (GG)
– Training-resources: Added in CA FTB section notes from SCC presentation and slide deck from MC.

2017-01-27 (GG)
– ITIN: Uploaded most recent version of ITIN CAA list sent by KB and PB.

2017-01-26 (RV)
– URL masking stopped. EKS URL moved over permanently to replace VITAsv.org

2017-01-24 (GG)
– Foreign-student: Added in FAQ section and links to FS sites and resources.

2017-01-21 (GG)
– FS: Created to push out info about FS vol certification. Embedded presentation and scenario from MJ and BL.

2017-01-20 (GG, BL)
– Changes: Created for Site Coordinators to submit their site listing changes. Updates flow through to IRS, map, 211, and other call centers.
– Find-tax-help-now: Reformatted to be a step-by-step landing page. New graphic uploaded linked to EKS Google map of tax sites
– Map: Now shows all Bay Area sites on a Google map. Added notes about HOW to use the map.
– Homepage: All homepage links now point to finding a tax site and viewing the map
– CA EITC: Completely re-done. Lead graphic matches FB ad. Content matches EITC referral postcard.

2017-01-20 (GG)
– Webpages: Created list of our webpages per VM request. Easy way to see contents and hierarchy on site, but more importantly to see direct links (which we cannot see currently due to URL masking).

2017-01-17 (GG)
– Site-resources: Created to highlight quick reference to resources that site coordinators need. Replaces EKS old “tools for tax site” page and old VITAsv “coordinator resources” page. “Required Resources” section lists what the site coordinators need to have during operation (publications as well as posters and where exactly they need to go).
– Site-resources: Added in link references to the intake sheets in all the different languages (links go directly to IRS website, which auto-update every year once new version of sheet comes out).
– Site-resources: Added in references to all the civil rights posters in the different languages (because now it is a requirement that the Site Coordinators have to display these in all the languages that they advertise at the site)
– ITIN: Filled this page with info about upcoming BSP ITIN workshop. Content set to be replaced after event on 1/20.
– Find-tax-help-now: Rough cut. Put up bullet point list of links to all client-facing webpages.
– CA-eitc: Added in this page per VM request. KR and RC to design content/layout.

2017-01-12 (GG)
– Homepage: Removed “under construction: check back on 1/12/2017” from the title of the home page
– Homepage: Added the “Find a Tax Site” button
– Homepage: Replaced Richard’s “NOTICE: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties as a result of issues with our host provider. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working diligently to restore our site’s full content and operability. Thank you for your patience. Please check back soon for more updates as they become available” with the widgets to make the layout similar to the EKS cached homepage.
– Homepage: Tightened content/layout
– Homepage: Killed the green ribbon section
– Homepage: Added red ribbon section at the bottom with call to action to view map of sites
– Homepage: Removed the Instagram icon at the bottom (we don’t have one)
– Homepage: Made all the social icons go to EKSbayarea links
– Homepage: Removed the gray box that had Richard’s placeholder About Us content
– Volunteer: Created volunteer pages for each county. When you click on a site name to sign-up within each county spreadsheet, it takes you straight to the Google form for sign-up.
– Volunteer: Updated SCC new and returning volunteer webpages with content from old cached EKS site.
– What-to-bring: Created standalone page to replace sidebar from old EKS cached site. This list of items is the exact list advertised in the client outreach customizable flyers.

2017-01-11 (GG)
– Results: Recreated from the cached EKS site (combination of EKS and VITAsv content). Only have 2016 up so far.
– Returning-volunteer: Recreated from the cached EKS site.
– New-volunteer: Recreated from the cached EKS site.
– Volunteer: Recreated from the cached EKS site.
– About: Recreated from the cached EKS site.
– Free-file: Recreated from the cached EKS site. Updated dates to be for 2016 tax year.
– Client-outreach: Recreated from the cached EKS site. Still need to upload the .doc version of files. Removed the CC section about CA EITC from this webpage.
– Eligibility: Recreated from the cached EKS site. Temporarily linking out to KV’s site.
– Foreign-student: Recreated from the cached EKS site.

2017-01-10 (GG)
– Coordinators: Recreated from the cached EKS site.
– Coordinators: Added in new section about admin training
– TaxSlayer: Recreated from the cached EKS site.
– TaxSlayer: Added in my PDF how-to guide for how to activate your TaxSlayer software (under the stuff for Administrators section)
– Training-resources: Recreated from the cached EKS site. Removed all dead links.
– Unpublished old VITAsv webpages
– Homepage: Changed homepage menu bar to match cached EKS site.
– Put link to SBT material onto the Coordinators > For-Trainers webpage
– All webpages at the very least have “Coming Soon!”
– Reactivated VITAsv and moved over content from cached EKS site.

2017-01-06 (RV)
– Old EKS website died.

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