8th Annual EKS Conference

Interested in learning more about the presentations at the 8th Annual EKS Conference in October 2013? Check out the following:

Kelly Batson and Ena Yasuhara Li, United Way of the Bay Area, focused on what makes tax clients take up other financial and asset building services from a study of MEDA’s EKS tax preparation site in San Francisco
Connecting Taxpayers to Financial Services at VITA Sites (download pdf)

Sara Mahmood, United Way of the Bay Area, offered tips in successfully tailoring marketing messages to your target audience for free tax preparation assistance
Creating a Marketing Strategy (download pdf)

EKS Site Coordinator Survival Guide

This is a great resource for site coordinators!
2013 VITA Site Coordinator Survival Guide (download pdf)

Our hope is that this guide will help provide answers to questions you may have, direction on how to operate your site, work with your volunteers, and provide best practices on topics that are relevant to your work.