January 9, 2017

Tax Site Map

View map of Bay Area EKS Sites for free tax help.


How to use the map:

For details about a specific site’s location/days/hours, you can:

    • OPTION #1: Click on a specific site name or site marker to see more information about it (address, hours, dates of operation, and so on).
    • OPTION #2: Double-click on a section of the map to zoom in. Keep zooming in to a specific area and then click on a specific site for more information.
    • OPTION #3: Open the map legend by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the map. Click on the “down” arrow under the “Sites sorted by county” checkbox. Scroll down the list and click on a specific site name to view details about that site.
    • OPTION #4: Go here (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Oi7cA1nxv6XJq_7fZyx9nvW-B28&usp=sharing) and can click on the “magnifying glass icon” in the red bar next to the title “EKS Free Tax Prep Sites.” You can enter your address in that search box, click on the “Move map to” link (which will center the map on that location), then zoom out on the map to find the closest site to you.