January 11, 2017

SCC Returning Volunteer

Sites are currently in operation and only a few have indicated they still need regular volunteers. If you can help, we need you!


Sites that still need volunteers (as of 2/8/2017)

Click on a site name below to sign yourself up as a volunteer for that site! When you sign up, your information will be sent directly to your Site Coordinator.

NOTE: All volunteers are required to do at minimum one volunteer shift per week at the same location for the majority of tax season. Each shift is typically 3-4 hours. This is a requirement of this volunteer opportunity as sites run with volunteers and need dependable staff in order to operate. One volunteer makes a BIG difference!


Become a Back-up Volunteer!

This is available only to volunteers who are already signed up as a regular volunteer for their “home base” site. Add yourself to this “on-call” list and Site Coordinators that indicate they are short for a specific volunteer shift will go down the call down list the day before to see if anyone can fill in on a temporary basis.