January 17, 2017

Site Resources

REQUIRED resources during site operation:

  1. Awareness of Quality (QSRAs) and Volunteer Tax Alerts (VTAs): These alerts come out during tax season and every volunteer needs to be familiar with any updates that are announced via these alerts. Your Site Coordinator will usually inform you about alerts or tell you to check the webpage before your next volunteer shift.
  2. Publication 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide PDF: This is EVERY volunteer’s favorite resource. It is THE resource we recommend reading cover-to-cover. In class, this is often referred to as the “blue book”. Must have one that can be easily referenced at the site. Can have a physical or downloaded copy, OR online link reference.
  3. Publication 17, Tax Guide for Individuals PDF: Supplemental information to tax form instruction booklet. Explains the general rules for filing a federal income tax return. Must have one that can be easily referenced at the site. Can have a physical or downloaded copy, OR online link reference.
  4. Form 13615, Volunteer Agreement PDF: Site Coordinators need to have this on file for every volunteer that works at the site BEFORE they start volunteering. A completed one with the volunteer’s passing score will auto-generate once volunteer certification exams are passed online. The volunteer can download it after passing tests on Link & Learn / VITA Central and provide a PDF or physical copy to the Site Coordinator.
  5. Form 13614-C, Intake/Interview Sheet: Must completed by all taxpayers who come for VITA services. Available in:
  6. Publication 4053, Civil Rights Poster PDF: Must displayed at the first point of contact at your VITA site (at minimum, in the greeting/intake area). These posters are available in the following languages-
  7. Publication 4836, VolTax Poster PDF: Must displayed anywhere at your VITA site, per QSR #5


Preparing for a site visit from the IRS

Use this as a guide to gauge your readiness for an IRS visit:

  • Form 6729d – Site Review Sheet PDF
  • Form 6729 – QSS Site Review Sheet PDF
  • Do you have all your required posters? Are they posted in the right areas?
  • Are volunteer preparers preparing returns within the scope of their level of certification?
  • Are sites asking for appropriate forms of ID to verify taxpayer identity?
  • Is the right SIDN and EFIN being used in your software setup?
  • Is everyone wearing badges?
  • Is the intake sheet being used properly?
  • Are quality reviews being done properly?


Other useful resources for operation: