April 6, 2017 – About last day e-filing

Reporting source: IRS San Jose SPEC

There have been numerous inquiries on how to file Federal and State returns unlinked the last day of the filing season. In the past, we suggested sending your Federal and State e-files separately. This was to ensure that your State returns were timely filed.

However, with the Modernized e-File (MeF), sites can electronically file the state with the Federal e-file. When the returns (both Federal and State) are received by the TaxSlayer Processing Center, the state e-file is held at the Processing Center until the Federal return is accepted. If the Federal return is rejected, TaxSlayer discards the previously filed state return and a new state return must be re-submitted when the Federal return is resent. Filing the returns together will eliminate the need to file amended State returns, in case the Federal return rejects.

Federal returns are accepted or rejected within 15-30 minutes. Therefore, send your e-files throughout the day. Do not hold them until end of the day.

The following states no longer allow State-Only filing: Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Oregon. If you wish to electronically file these state returns, you must also include your Federal return at the same time.

In the event, sites want to file the Federal and State returns separately; use the guidance below.


Sending Federal and State Returns Separately

PDF version | Electronic version (below)

How to file the Federal return without filing the State return?

If you want to file just a Federal return, and not file a State return(s), you need to make sure that your State return(s) are not “checked” for electronic filing at the time of filing your return. Navigate to the e-file section of the return:

1. Click on the “E-file” located on the left navigation bar
2. Expand the State Returns section on the e-file page
3. Select “Paper Return” for each of the states on the return that you do not want to file with the Federal return
4. Continue through the e-file process by following your normal e-file procedures

How to file the State return without filing the Federal return?

If you want to file just your State return, without your Federal return, you need to mark your return as a State-Only e-file. To do this:

1. Log into your account. After your return is prepared and ready to be transmitted, click “E-file” located on the navigation bar. This will take you to the first page of the e-file process.
2. On the E-File page, you will need to select Send State Only, since you only want to e-file your State return(s).
3. The Federal Return Select Mail Payment or Electronic Mail (see example below)

4. Close the warning dialog that the Federal return will not be sent.
5. Complete the rest of the E-file and submission page as normal.
6. You must use the Save and Transmit to the IRS button to send the State Only Return. When you get to the Submission page select Save and Transmit Return to the IRS. You have to use this method if the Federal return has already been accepted.

7. You will then get a confirmation page that the return was transmitted. Click Main Menu to return to the Welcome Page.

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