August 24, 2016 – TaxSlayer Webinar (4 of 4): Tax Return Prep (Part 3) & Desktop Version



NOTES from Live Webinar 4

NOTES from Live Webinar 4


E-filing User Guide


Submitting E-Files

  • Selecting efiles to submit
  • Adding corrected rejects to submit


Running e-file validation

  • When there is an error, it blocks the efile from being created.
  • Warnings do not actually stop you from creating the file.
  • Sticky notes do not block efile.
  • Not required to keep any documents

Completing the EIC Checklist

  • Volunteers do not have to keep documentation

Miscellaneous Statement


Confirm ERO and Form 8879 Information

Can put client email & pin after direct deposit information



  • Print options – copies fed & state + master print
  • Printing will open up a new window
  • Referrer is for paid preparers
  • Mark ready for review


Review Returns

  • You can click any return in queue for review
  • Click Select > Summary is 1040 view, or click each line
  • Ways to View: 1040, Edit, E-file
  • Can enter reason why return failed for approval

Sending Returns

Submitting efiles

Working with acknowledgements

  • In Reports menu
  • Will give new acks since last time the report was pulled
  • Can see date and reason rejected
  • Review processing center rejects


Desktop Version

  • Flow and functionality is the same
  • Main difference between online and desktop is the interface (they look different)
  • Installing is easy using Installshield wizard (quick 3-4 minutes)
  • In Site Information Setup Menu, leave “Branch” and “Group Code” off
  • There is a report to track taxpayer savings (how much you saved them in tax prep fees)
    • Program auto-updates when you open up the program


Q & A: Post-webinar


Q: Is client email address a mandatory field?

A: No.


Q: Will the default questions from the IRS be editable?

A: No.


Q: Can more than one person open a taxpayer’s return at the same time?

A: No. Only one person can look at a return at a time. However, there isn’t a delay or wait time when you want another user to open it and you’ve closed it on your own computer.

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