December 1, 2017: Update on Foreign Student (1040 Non-Resident) returns

Reporting Source: TaxSlayer

Update on Foreign Student:

We have confirmed with IRS Modernized Efile (MEF), that within scope Foreign Student Form 1040-NR returns can be filed electronically this upcoming filing season. TaxSlayer is currently testing the software and updating the Non-Resident User Guide.

The 2017 TaxSlayer Practice Lab is available, including Form 1040-NR’s.

If your site has not used IRS provided Tax Preparation software in the past and are now considering its use, please reach out to your Relationship Manager for details on how to apply for an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN).

Consider offering a Self-Prep Site:

I had an additional suggestion that your groups might want to consider, that is participating in our Facilitated Self Assist (FSA) program. Below is a link to the recorded webinar that took place a few weeks ago. Think of FSA as going to the grocery store and using the self-checkout lanes, there are multiple self-serve lanes available with one cashier available for assistance if needed. TaxSlayer is the only FSA provider that offers preparation and filing of the Form 1040-NR.

While you are listening to the webinar I want you to think of having computers available for students to come in and have certified volunteers present to assist the students with the prep. You will be provided with a URL that is unique to your site (can only be used at the site cannot be emailed out or posted on a website), the student (client) creates their own profile with TaxSlayer and begins to enter the return information, the certified volunteer is there to answer any questions and assist with the preparation. The student completes the return and prints out a copy, the student is responsible to monitor what has happened (accepted/rejected). After they have set their profile up with TaxSlayer at your site they can then log in from any computer to the public TaxSlayer website and check the status as well as fix any issues. Best of all you will be able to run reports for all returns prepared through your site. The TaxSlayer FSA is provided at no charge. Also there is no cost to the student (client) when they file the return using TaxSlayer FSA.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Ron Peruzzi
TaxSlayer Core Team

Check out the TaxSlayer Home Page – VITA/TCE Springboard for all your TaxSlayer connections at:

This session will feature the FSA version of TaxSlayer.

This session is the third in a series of vendor presentations regarding their self-preparation software, which is used in SPEC’s Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA) program. Vendors will highlight their 2018 offer for free federal and state return preparation, and review software features and enhancements for 2018. Due to a scheduling conflict on November 8th, we will now have TaxSlayer present their FSA product for the entirety of the November 13th session. During the webcast, TaxSlayer will highlight their 2018 FSA product for free federal and state return preparation at in-person VITA/TCE locations, and review software features and enhancements for 2018. We will also cover ordering procedures and return reporting for TaxSlayer FSA. This session will only cover the FSA version of TaxSlayer, NOT the desktop or online versions; please address your questions accordingly.

Event URL:

Speakers Scheduled to Appear on this Webinar:

  • Dan Maier, IRS SPEC
  • Kim Manuel, TaxSlayer
  • Craig Smith, TaxSlayer
  • Additional Speakers–TBD

Additional Notes:
If you cannot attend, have issues connecting to the live session, or you want to review the session again, you can view the recorded webcast throughout the 2018 Filing Season using the Event URL listed above.
Audio/video will only be available through the webcaster link above.

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