January 9, 2017


Am I eligible?

Our volunteers are certified in many but not all topics of the tax law.  Unfortunately, we cannot help everyone who struggles with financial issues in the Bay Area.  Here are a few of the most common situations where we cannot help.

  • Married Filing Separately
  • Rental income
  • More than 5 stock trades

If you are a returning client with no significant changes to your tax situation, you can continue with the next Step, collecting your documents together.

If you are new to our program, we suggest you first check your eligibility with our online screening tool.

You can screen yourself or anyone who is interested using this online screening tool developed by our local coordinators to determine IF you’re eligible for free tax services through VITA AND what type of site you have to go to (for example: if you are a Foreign Student, you will have to go to a site that has Foreign Student certified volunteers).

Tool: http://www.allaboutimages.com/VITA/screen/screen.html
Tool is also available in Spanish!

Online screening tool

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