February 4, 2017 – Solution to Reject IND-013-01

Reporting source: UWBA EKS



In the Return Header, ‘PreparerSSN’ or ‘PTIN’ or ‘STIN’ or ‘PreparerFirmEIN’ must have a value, if any one of the following is true: (1) checkbox ‘SelfEmployedInd’ is checked; (2) ‘PreparerPersonNm’ or ‘PreparerFirmName’ or ‘PreparerUSAddress’ or ‘PreparerForeignAddress’ has a value.
Data Value:



Make sure each of your preparer usernames has the SIDN associated with it. You can click the “Pull from office” link to get it. Make sure the data entry box under SIDN for each preparer is unchecked.

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