February 8, 2017 – Pub 4454 available online. Printed copies shipped in March.

Reporting source: IRS San Jose SPEC

Pub 4454 (EN & SP), Your Civil Rights are Protected is a brochure designed to help the public understand and meet their tax obligations with equitability and fairness for all taxpayers. It is a product required at all SPEC VITA/TCE sites to give out if there is a Civil Rights complaint.

The Publication 4454 was updated 12/2016 and is being finalized to post on IRS.gov. Printed copies are expected to be available in March 2017. Since printed copies will not be available until next month, all current orders will be canceled in CAPS (the IRS supply ordering system) because we expect the quantities requested to change by the time they are available to ship. A Product Alert will be issued once the printed copies are available to reorder. In the interim, partners can continue to download and print the version of Publication 4454 available online.

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