February 17, 2017 – How to do prior year and amended returns

Reporting source: IRS Oakland SPEC



Prior Year Returns

Tax Years 2015 and 2014 should be able to be e-filed. As far as I know, there isn’t a special login page to e-file prior year returns. You simply need to prepare the return under the correct tab. Once complete, you can transmit the return (2015 & 2014 ONLY). Let your SPEC RM know so they can monitor the return.

You can access prior year returns from the Welcome Page:

Once you have clicked on the prior year in question, you will be able to create a return:


Amended Returns

Observations from KK, Site Coordinator:

  • Do NOT follow the instructions in the Pub. 4012 for amended returns. None of those steps apply.
  • Unlike TaxWise, there is no “snapshot” that you can take of the return as it stands, before making changes to it. It seems to be geared primarily towards efiled, accepted returns.
  • If you start with a paper return, you will need to enter fields in the Original amount column (AGI, itemized or std deduction, etc.) manually, because of the lack of the “snapshot” feature.
  • For the state return, you need to enter the Original amount column anyhow, even with an efiled return. The guide (item 1) states that it is supposed to carryover the original information from the original accepted return, but it does not.
  • If you need to amend a return that was prepared/efiled elsewhere, but not at your site, you can simply create the final return and then start the amendment, entering the original column fields from the original return.
  • I recommend site coordinators try it on Practice Lab first (with all the caveats for non-efiled, i.e. paper returns, and the state section) and entrust your most experienced volunteers with actual amendments (which was kinda the case even with TaxWise, but seems to be more so with TaxSlayer).

Raquel’s screenshot guide:

To amend a return after it has been accepted, you will need to open the return and choose the 2016 Amended Return option:

You will be taken to Amended Return Screen:

Clicking on the first option will walk you through the exact procedures:

Clicking on the second option shows the previously reported figures:

Clicking on the third option will take you to the Income Section to begin amending the return.

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