November 2018: How to Access the IRS TaxSlayer Webinar Recordings

To access the recorded version of the TaxSlayer webinars:

  2. CLICK ON THE “PRACTICE LAB” BUTTON in the top, left-hand corner:
  3. practice lab button

  4. ACCESS THE SYSTEM: You’ll see the login to “Access Link and Learn Taxes.” Enter the default password: TRAINPROWEB (all caps, no spaces) and click the green “Login” button.
  5. practice lab login page

  6. SIGN-IN: You’ll see the Sign-in page.

    If you created an account last year and remember the username and password, enter the information and click Sign in.

    If you created an account last year and forgot your username or password, click the option for either case and follow the instructions to have the info sent to you.

    If you need to create a new account, click Create Account.

    • For Program Type- select GRANT from the dropdown
    • Leave the Site ID Number (SIDN) field blank
    • Password has to be at least 15 characters and have at least 1 upper case, 1 number, and one special character
    • Select your security question and click on Create Account
    • Back at the Sign in page, enter your username and password

  7. practice lab signin

  8. PLAY A RECORDED WEBINAR: You’ll see the Practice Lab page. The recorded lessons are on the bottom half of this page, listed out by topic. The TaxSlayer Recorded Webinars are under Section 6- Enhancements and Misc. Scroll down to see what’s been posted. Webinars from should be posted by Friday of that week. Feel free to explore the other recorded lessons- these are all the instructions and how-to’s for the software!

    When you click on one, it may come up with a “Guestbook” screen.

    • You don’t need to use your real name. You can simply just type in your initials if you want.
    • No need to enter any email address!
    • For program type- select VITA
    • No need to enter SIDN
    • Check the box that says “remember me” or you might have to do the Guestbook thing every time you watch a new session

  9. PRACTICE DOING RETURNS: On the top of the Practice Lab page, if you click Go to Practice Area, this takes you the practice version of the TaxSlayer software. You can use this to check out the software and input dummy returns (you’ll need to do a few to complete the tax law training/test).
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