October 24, 2017 – Missing page from Pub. 6744

Reporting source: IRS San Jose SPEC

Please see information below regarding a page that is missing from the Pub. 6744, Volunteer Test booklet. Download this missing page, Page 92 — you should print and include with your materials before you take the Advanced Tax Law Test.



  • Notify employees, partners, and volunteers that Publication 4491, VITA/TCE Training Guide, Publication 4012, VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide, and Form 6744, Volunteer Assistor’s Test/Retest with revision date 10/2017 are available to download from IRS.gov.
  • Provide missing page 92 from the 2017 Form 6744 to assist volunteers in completing the Advanced certification.


  • Page 92 in Form 6744 was inadvertently left blank in both the current online and printed versions. Without this page, volunteers will get an incorrect answer on the Advanced certification test.
  • Here is the missing page containing the 2016 Capital Loss Carryover Worksheet for Advanced Scenario 6. The online Form 6744 will be updated to contain the missing information.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to certify online as the online certification test will be updated to include the 2016 Capital Loss Carryover Worksheet for Advanced Scenario 6.
  • If using the paper Form 6744 to certify, please print this page and use it when taking the Advanced test.
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