September 5, 2017 – CE Credits Update

Reporting source: IRS San Jose SPEC

IRS Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication (SPEC) VITA/TCE Programs are approved to provide IRS Continuing Education (CE) credits for the following professionals: Enrolled Agents (EAs), Non-credentialed tax return preparers participating in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), California Tax Education Council (CTEC), and Certified Financial Planners (CFP). Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) may also qualify for CE credits depending upon their state licensing requirements or National Boards of Standards.

Volunteers can earn CE credits by completing the required tax law certifications and volunteering for a minimum of 10 hours at a VITA/TCE site as an IRS tax law-certified volunteer instructor, tax return preparer, and/or quality reviewer.

New Procedure:
Beginning Filing Season 2018, Link & Learn Taxes (LLT) will be the main portal to store continuing education credit data for volunteers seeking CE credits for participating in the VITA/TCE program. The CE Credit Certificate will be available for volunteers to print via the VITA/TCE Central home page of LLT upon completion of all requirements. All volunteers requesting CE Credits must certify via LLT and update all CE Credit information on the My Account Page in LLT. This information will automatically flow through to the Form 13615, Volunteer Standards of Conduct Form. Additional guidance will be available under the “Getting Started Tutorial PDF” on LLT.

Note: The Federal Tax Law Update Test for Circular 230 Professionals does NOT qualify for CE Credits.



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