2019.09.17 — September Site Coordinator Meeting Notes

2019 Tax Season Results

Meeting Notes

Sponsor Agreements

  • IRS Form 13533 needs to be signed for the new Filing Season before software and/or materials are ordered.

Site Information

  • It’s never too early to start thinking about your open / close dates and hours of operation. Please reference IRS Form 13715 for the information both EKS and IRS look for to keep your VITA site’s information up to date.

Training Material

  • NEW IRS FACT SHEET IS OUT: IRS Pub. 5358 Fact Sheet – FS 2020 Training and Site Materials.
  • Ordering from the IRS will begin on October 1st. Earliest orders are expected to start shipping before Thanksgiving.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are conducting VITA training in December, please submit your orders by 4pm on October 9th for first shipment, or as needed by specific date of training.
  • You may have received an email from the National Distribution Center to confirm email address and VITA account. This email will include your electronic copy of Form 2333-V which can be used to submit your order electronically (please do not share your pdf as it will have your account number on it). Order subject to SPEC review / approval.
  • The IRS Pub. 4480 – Training Kit is now obsolete. Training materials should be ordered separately.
  • IRS Pub. 4012 – Volunteer Resource Guide will be a stand-alone product and will be tabbed and spiral bound again! Woohoo!
  • IRS Pub. 4836 – Voltax poster will be included as a cover sheet with the 4012.
  • IRS Form 6744 – VITA Test Booklet will be a stand-alone product.
  • IRS Pub. 17 will not be printed at all. Sites must save a copy of the PDF file to one or all computer(s) at the site.
  • IRS Pub. 4189 (CD format) – Answer Key will now be available to instructors and Site Coordinators once they pass their tax law test on https://www.linklearncertification.com. You will ONLY have access to the individual modules that are passed with a score of 80% or greater.

EFIN Application

  • If responsible officials (Exec Director or whomever signed the original e-file application) have changed, application needs to be updated in e-services
  • Instructions for registering / completing the application can be emailed to the Site Coordinator by your IRS SPEC Relationship Manager.


  • Practice Lab for the 2019 tax year is expected to be available in mid-November. Use the account you created last year, https://vita.taxslayerpro.com/IRSTraining
  • Recorded training sessions will be available on the Practice Lab. You must have an account to access.
  • TaxSlayer refresher led by IRS Subject Matter Expert may be offered if software changes are substantial.
  • E-file / Admin training planned for new Site Coordinators will be offered before the start date of the filing season.
  • Prior year return options available on the 2019 software will include current year (2019 returns), 2018, 2017, and 2016 returns. 2018 and 2017 can be e-filed, however 2016 and/or any amended returns must be filed on paper.
  • TaxSlayer implemented “Multi Factor Authentication” (MFA) on September 7, 2017. This means that every user must provide an email address or cell phone number to receive a security code when they first log in to the software on a unique computer, or every 7 days.
  • Check your TaxSlayer user accounts to make sure every user has an email address or text capable cell phone number.
  • For users who work at multiple sites, there will be a checkbox to allow the same email address to be used with multiple user names. Please make sure that checkbox is checked for all volunteers and your IRS SPEC Relationship Manager.
  • Keyword search MFA on the TaxSlayer blog for more information: https://vitablog.taxslayerpro.com
  • TaxSlayer FSA Remote program has been put on hold for FS 2020. TaxSlayer FSA Stand-Alone AND FSA Fusion are still available options! Connected your IRS Relationship Manager if you have any questions!

ITIN Expirations

  • Individual Tax ID Numbers (ITINs) that have NOT been used to file a tax return in the last 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018) will expire in December 2019.
  • Additional ITINs expiring with the middle digits of 83, 84, 85, 86, 87 need to be renewed if taxpayer plans to file a tax return for 2019.
  • Renewals can be submitted now to ensure timely processing and renewal before filing season.
  • Affected taxpayers will receive notification from IRS via USPS mail (CP48 Notice) that an ITIN on your tax return is expiring if they have filed a U.S. tax return in the last three years using an ITIN for themselves, their spouse, or their dependents and the ITIN has the middle digits listed above.
  • The IRS will not notify taxpayers directly if their ITIN has not been included on a U.S. tax return at least once in the last three tax years. Extensive media communication and outreach are underway to notify all affected taxpayers.
  • Returns with expired ITINs can be efiled and will be considered timely filed, however, exemptions or credits will be disallowed until ITIN for related primary/spouse or dependent is renewed.

Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA)

Training and Outreach

  • Trainers, dates and location?
  • EKS is providing regional online volunteer orientations (to set expectations, talk about how to sign up, how training works, and answer questions that folks may have)

Grant Application

  • If you intend to apply for EKS grant funding, please download the application cover sheet and applications here: https://earnitkeepitsaveit.org/grantapp
  • Deadline to submit application: Oct. 2, 2019 by 5pm

Other EKS Updates

  • Sophia Selassie is our newest EKS Program Specialist! She will be working with our San Francisco Site Coordinators and on Marketing / Social Media related efforts.
  • EKS is still hiring for a Program Specialist. Visit http://uwba.org/careers for more info about the position!
  • One of our VITA Sites (Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in East Palo Alto) is also hiring! Contact our partner Alex Nerguizian for more information.
  • The IRS Stakeholder Liaison department is interested in helping to provide tax topic workshops for taxpayers during tax season at your VITA site! A variety of presentation topics are available: small business, better recordkeeping for tax time, ITIN, and more! Email your EKS county lead or IRS SPEC Relationship Manager if interested!

Upcoming Meeting

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