January 9, 2017

Training Resources/References

We encourage you to look at these references as you work on your training! Be sure to follow your specific certification path for detailed steps regarding how to certify as a volunteer.

Training Online

The IRS Link & Learn Taxes E-Learning is now up and running for the upcoming training season! To get started: visit that site, click on the certification path tab, select that you are a “Student” and choose your certification course, then get started by perusing all the online lessons (slide-by-slide) under the “in this section” sidebar on the right.


IRS/Federal Publications

We highly recommend that you download/bookmark these IRS materials and refer to them when working on your certification exams:

Main toolkit:

Other IRS/Federal Publications:


OPTIONAL: Foreign Student (FS) Certification

Foreign Student Certification is optional but your site may be looking for volunteers that have obtained this specialty certification! You’ll want to first contact your Site Coordinator to see if they need volunteers with this certification. If you’re up for obtaining this specialty certification, visit our Foreign Student Certification – Training Material webpage for more information.


OPTIONAL: Health Savings Account (HSA) Certification


State Tax Law

While you will not be tested on state information, it is important that you know how to handle things in the state return. Please refer to these resources from the CA Franchise Tax Board:

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